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Hustler, February 1983

An issue of Hustler

Issue 8, Volume 9, February 1983

    Table of Contents
  • Publisher's Statement7
  • Feedback11
  • World News Roundup13
  • Advise & Consent15
  • Bits & Pieces19
  • X-Rated Reviews27
  • Sex Play - Incest: A Warning Guide by Francesca Porter33
  • Interview: Vernon Bellecourt, by Bill Lawren34
  • Kristen: Getting Ready, by Matti Klatt40
  • Darby: Fair Game, by Clive McLean58
  • Hustler Humor72
  • Chemical and Germ Warfare, by Ben Pesta74
  • Beauty in the Making, by James Baes78
  • A Man Called Bravo, by J. R. Regis90
  • Beaver Hunt97
  • Kinky Korner: Sex Inside a Paddy Wagon, by Arthur Brooks105
  • Honey: The Love Cruise, by Bruce Helford and Tom Garst107
  • Mail-Order Feedback111

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