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Hustler, March 1984

An issue of Hustler

Issue 9, Volume 10, March 1984

    Table of Contents
  • The Gospel According to Larry7
  • Show & Tell9
  • The World of HUSTLER10
  • Feedback13
  • Washington Daisy Chain17
  • Dear Granny19
  • Ad & Personality20
  • Bits and Pieces21
  • Hustler's Erotic Entertainment35
  • Rock Wars: Battling for Musical Fame and Fortune, by Greg Ptacek44
  • Larry Flynt on Life Liberty and Justice for All48
  • Love & Hate, by James Baes50
  • The Joy of Pornography, by Timothy Leary58
  • So Many Dykes...So Little Time, by Al Goldstein62
  • Puss 'n' Boots, by Jack Callis75
  • Hustler Humor88
  • The Hemlock Society: Compassionate Suicide for the Terminally Ill, by Marie Moneysmith90
  • Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, Nude!96
  • Camp Grenada, by Clive McLean100
  • Larry McDonald: Fascist in Heat112
  • Cream - Media Watchdog Organization122
  • Beaver Hunt129
  • Beaver Spotlight134
  • Kinky Korner: Capital Offenses by Fanne Yarzil137
  • Honey at Coozemopolitan, by Bruce Helford and Gaetano Liberatore139
  • Larry Flynt on State/Church Separation144
  • Mail-Order Feedback159
  • Larry Flynt on Freedom of Expression160
  • Sex Play, by Bill Barry163

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