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Hustler, December 1982

An issue of Hustler

Issue 6, Volume 9, December 1982

    Table of Contents
  • Publisher's Statement5
  • Feedback9
  • World News Roundup13
  • Advise & Consent15
  • Bits & Pieces17
  • X-Rated Reviews25
  • Sex Play by Steve Campbell31
  • Jack Straus Poker Champion, by Steve Magagnini34
  • Tana: An Affair to Demember, by Matti Klatt40
  • Sex Laws Of America49
  • Suicide, by Robert McGarvey54
  • Marlene: Special Delivery, by Clive Mclean60
  • Hustler Humor72
  • Beasts of the Butcher, by Thomas Adcock74
  • Cheryl & Cindy: Perfect Harmony, by Matti Klatt78
  • Bad Moon Rising, by Clive McLean90
  • Beaver Hunt103
  • Kinky Korner, by Rachel Edwards111
  • Honey In The Year 3000, by Bruce Helford and Tom Garst113
  • Mail Order Feedback117

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