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Showcase, No. 1

An issue of Showcase

Issue 1, Volume 1

    Table of Contents
  • The Hands of Billy Kay, by Harry Neal2
  • Editorial4
  • How To Go To Bed (Griselda Schultz)7
  • Showcase Goes Primitive14
  • Where's The Road? by Jacques Caraway18
  • How To Mix A Pair20
  • You're Better Off With Girls22
  • Big Girl, Tight Fit, by June Wilkinson24
  • We Don't Need You by Gordon R Dickson30
  • Showcase Showgirl34
  • Gag File36
  • How To Be A Beatnik38
  • A Girl's Best Friend by James O'Brien43
  • Showcase Furnishes A Bachelor's Apartment45
  • Bunni's Bubble Bath48
  • Jewels of Love by John Woolsey54
  • Snakes Alive!58
  • Terry Is Her Name (Terry Higgins)62

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