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Man's Magazine, Sept 1971

An issue of Man's Magazine

Issue 9, Volume 19, September 1971

    Table of Contents
  • A Date With Mylele Franses by Gene Wright8
  • Muggerland by A Wall deArmas and K George Gross11
  • "If You Want Me I'm Yours!" by Larry Powers14
  • I Was A Hostage In Red China by Anthony Grey16
  • Sex For Three by Dr. Howard Newton20
  • Naked I Leave by Michael Novak22
  • The Violent Ones, by George William Rae26
  • The Goddess of Love by Jules Archer30
  • From Silver Spoon To Heroin Spoon: James Taylor Interview by G A Wright32
  • Man's Talk by John E Sparkman34
  • Miss September: Ginger Morrison, by Frank Bez35
  • The Exiles by Ronald Porter38
  • The Jolly Grin Giant by Herb Green42
  • Confessions Of Porno Movie Stars by Alan Duncan44

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