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Men, December 1971

An issue of Men

Issue 12, Volume 20, Dec 1971

    Table of Contents
  • Hotline On Women10
  • Men's Newsletter13
  • "Special Sex" Women by Mike Bruno and David B Weiss14
  • A Yank Adrift At Sea With Two Borneo Cannibals by D. Bogen18
  • The Kill-Crazed Lion That Saved A Man's Life by Tim Crowell20
  • Bedroom Techniques That Drive Women Wild by Roger Warren22
  • I Found The Civil War's Long-Lost 'Mountain of Gold' by Russ Cooper24
  • The Best Dam Pickup In Town by Alex Austin26
  • Photostoppers28
  • Blood Hunt For Escaped Convicts, by Tom Chastain30
  • Our 10 Most Dangerous Airports by James Lewis32
  • "I Need An Old-Fashioned Man" (Susan Sanderson)34
  • Keyhole On The World37
  • The Meat You Eat - Not Fit For Pigs by Archer Scanlon38
  • In The Spotlight40
  • When Call Girls Marry by Dr. Stanley Whelan PhD42
  • Consumer Confidential52
  • Pussycat by Larry Lieber and Jim Mooney96

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