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Men, June 1968

An issue of Men

Issue 6, Volume 17, June 1968

    Table of Contents
  • Men's Newsletter6
  • The Laughing Place11
  • I Act In Those Torrid Exploitation Movies, by April Johnson12
  • Top Gun Of The Navy's Ground Strike Guerrillas, by Jeff St. John16
  • The Night They Stole The Girls by Tom Christopher18
  • Killer Sharks Will Ravish Our Beaches, by Peter Courtney20
  • Undercover Ace Who Crashed The Castle of Strange Passions by Donald Honig22
  • Housing Swindlers The Law Can't Touch by C.K. Winston25
  • Girl With Cool (Helen Rose)26
  • Ex-Medal Of Honor Hero The Syndicate Wants Dead by Glenn Infield28
  • Ellen Madigan's Love Pad by Mario Cleri30
  • I Lived With Mate-Swapping Headhunters by Lawrence Lowell32
  • Keyhole On The World35
  • 10-Ton Death Crates On The Highways by Ray Lunt36
  • Photostoppers38
  • The Female Erotic by Dr. Albert Ellis and Edward Sagarin40
  • Men and Medicine48
  • How to Spend A Million Dollars A Month by Martin Sage56
  • Workd's Greatest Construction Miracles by Al Lowe72
  • Hotline On Women88

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