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Men, March 1974

An issue of Men

Issue 3, Volume 23, March 1974

    Table of Contents
  • Hotline On Women6
  • Mens Newsletter11
  • "My Intimate Diary As A Sex-Swap Wife" by Robert Rimmer12
  • Rogue Cop! by Richard Farrington16
  • $18 Billion A Year And We're Still Building Roads That Kill by Emile Schurmacher18
  • Sex Life Of The American Indian Woman by Alexander Wolter PhD20
  • Photostoppers22
  • The Ex-Green Beret Captain Who Ripped Off 2 Mafia Casinos - And Lived by Hal Rensom24
  • Discount Stores-Now The Government Wants To Close Them Down by Archer Scanlon27
  • Marlene Makes It With Men28
  • "A Blind Man Brought Us Up From The Dead" by John Odit31
  • The Spread-Eagle Nude by Dick Love34
  • The Ice-Age Monster That Stalks Florida's Lagoons, by Paul Annixter36
  • In The Spotlight38
  • "We Married Strictly For Sex, by Dr. Charles Blackrock40
  • Keyhole On The World52
  • Consumer Confidential91

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