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Men, November 1971

An issue of Men

Issue 11, Volume 20, Nov 1971

    Table of Contents
  • Hotline On Women8
  • Men's Newsletter11
  • Luxury Sex Centers on $6-A-Visit by Archer Scanlon12
  • "A Dead Whale Was Our Lifeboat" by Tom Christopher16
  • Helicopter Heist of a Solid-Gold Buddah, by Hal Rensom18
  • Black Or White Women - Who Make The Better Bed Partners by Dr. Stanley Whelan20
  • How To Keep Your Phone Company From Cheating You by John Lonnegan23
  • Breakout From "Hell Cage g" by E Richard Johnson24
  • A Love Lesson For Two Nymphs by George Collins26
  • Photostoppers28
  • He Wrecked A Nazi Doomsday Army With Junkyard Tanks by Grant Freeling30
  • Sweetheart from Sweden (Kris Bjornsenn)32
  • Keyhole On The World35
  • The Great Transportation Scandal by John Marlin36
  • In The Spotlight38
  • Lesbians Reveal How Men Turned Them Into "Real" Women by NC Henderson40
  • Consumer Confidential52
  • Pussycat by Larry Lieber and Jim Mooney94

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