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Easyriders, Dec 1978

An issue of Easyriders

Volume 8, Number 66, December 1978

    Table of Contents
  • Taking It Easy, by Spider5
  • Wordmonger6
  • Biker's Digest11
  • Dangerous Game, by George Powers12
  • Puttin' Fools of Sturgis, by The Cub14
  • Chief: Indian Vs. Harley, Who Did It Right?20
  • The Saddest Story, by Rabbit26
  • Polish Harley Davidsons28
  • Sweet Dreams: A Fetish Art That Can Bend Your Mind34
  • Bike Buildin' Part III36
  • Easynews43
  • Death Winds, by Eric Mottner47
  • Easyriders Guide To Camping, by Snake50
  • Keys and Vinegar55
  • In The Wind56
  • Used Bike And The Blues That Go Along With It66
  • Leaving Time, by Joyce Fair72
  • Cooking With Booze, by Mary Booth79
  • Debbie86
  • The Ol' Lady Photo Contest92

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