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Iron Horse, Oct 1980

An issue of Iron Horse

Issue 11, Volume 2, October 1980

    Table of Contents
  • Motormouth5
  • The Horse's Mouth7
  • Sweets For The Sweet, by F.B. Norton10
  • Widowmaker12
  • Half-Breed18
  • The Pretenders (band interview)25
  • Beer Grandeur26
  • Bringing Down Your Friends, by Dismal Dan28
  • The Mudge and Mr. Suits, by Lucas30
  • Friday Night Hot Rod32
  • Follow the Yellow Line, by James Mitchell40
  • Hot Points, by Wierd Harold42
  • A Frame for a Frame43
  • Ten-Cent Die46
  • Iron-On47
  • Runnin' Free48
  • Sampson Chariot58
  • Scooter Art64
  • What A Way To Go67
  • Earth Girl80
  • Volcano Vaulter92

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